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Local Plan timetable: what has changed?  

Several factors have surfaced which now means that it is challenging to adhere to the existing timetable for the 6 week public consultation on the Regulation 18 draft Local Plan that was due to take place between August/September 2022:

  • Extending the time for parish/town councils/Town Forum to respond to the request to identify suitable sites to accommodate housing in their towns and villages;
  • New guidance issued by Natural England in March 2022, without prior warning, relating to the impact of wastewater produced by new development on the integrity of nationally protected sites which now includes phosphates as well as nitrates in the River Itchen Catchment area; and
  • Availability of counsel providing legal guidance for the draft plan.
Strategic Planning Team

When will be consulting on draft Regulation 18 Local Plan?

Taking into account the above considerations, the City Council is not intending to change the adoption date of the Local Plan (Autumn 2024) but we have adjusted the date of the 6 week public consultation on the Regulation 18 Local Plan.

The draft Regulation 18 Local Plan is now due to be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on the 18th October 2022. Subject to any views from Cabinet, the 6 week public consultation on the draft Local Plan will now take place between 2nd November and the 14th December. There will be an Local Plan Advisory (LPAG) meeting to discuss the draft Local Plan around the middle of September (date to be confirmed).

What will be included in the draft Regulation 18 Local Plan?

The draft Regulation 18 Local Plan will bring together and review existing Development Management policies from the existing adopted Local Plan (Part 1 & Part 2), the Gypsy and Travellers Development Plan Document and it will include new Local Plan policies and site specific allocations that are needed to deliver the development strategy in the new Local Plan.

The new Local Plan will be structured so that polices addressing particular issues will be grouped together under a number of specific topics.

This consultation will give everyone the opportunity to have a say in the final shape of the Local Plan. It will be important that you take part and also please help us reach as many of our members of public as possible.

How can I get involved?

Please ensure that you encourage people to register for email alerts and please do look out for more news about how to get involved in the public consultation that will be taking place between 2nd November and 14th December 2022 as we really do want as many people as possible to give their views on the future of the district.






Review on the proposed SHELAA sites to WCC (Draft)

This is the first draft of the response document compiled by Cllr. Berry and reflects the views and comments from South Wonston residents.

This is a working document and additional comments will be added to ensure that the document is comprehensive and is a strong representation of residents views.

Deadline Extended

Received during the evening of the 22nd April.

Dear Parish/Town Councillors,

We have listened to the feedback that we received from some Parish/Town Councils regarding requesting an extension of time to provide us with feedback on the SHELAA sites. In addition to this, we have received recent news from Natural England regarding new information on phosphates, which will take us a while to process and understand with regards to the impact this will have in our Local Plan. For further information on the information we received please see our website. 

Taking both the request for an extension and our need to process new material into account, we can confirm that we are giving all Parish/Town Councils until the 31st May to continue to engage with their local communities and to help us identify sites to meet our development strategy that we will be formally consulting on later on in the year.  

We have copied in all members for information. 

Kind regards,

Winchester City Council Strategic Planning Team


 A Public Meeting has been arranged for the 6th May, 2022, as from 7pm to 9pm to be held at the Village Hall.

This meeting has been convened to allow residents to discuss Winchester City Council's Local Plan Housing Strategy.  The SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment ) document.

The SHELAA is a technical document which provides information on  SITES  submitted by Landowners and Agents for potential housing, economic development.  The SHELAA will only identify sites which have been submitted to Winchester City Council, it does not allocate sites. 

The inclusion of a site in the SHELAA does not imply that WCC would necessarily grant planning permission and therefore it is the views, concerns, suggestions that the Community would like to put forward that need to be taken into account when future assessments are made in relation to the housing strategy. 

 We hope to see you there. 


The Parish Council receives notification of planning applications, appeals and enforcement cases affecting the neighbourhood and decides what recommendations to make. The local planning authority, Winchester City Council, must consider our point of view before coming to a decision. The Parish Council's recommendations accord with statutory local development plans (Local Plans Parts 1 and 2). The Parish Council also takes into account material considerations (issues in law that are relevant to a planning application, such as the local plan, planning history, accessibility, traffic, roads and parking, archaeology and design statements). Personal opinions are not relevant. The Parish Council has also contributed to the creation of Local Plans Part 1 and 2 and put together its own design statement, a supplementary planning document to which Winchester City Council must pay heed when making decisions, published in 2014.The parish benefits from the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy, as the Parish Council receives 15% of total receipts from local development to spend on local infrastructure.