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Recommended Spatial Distribution & Housing Strategy

Published: 5 Apr 22

Minutes of the meeting with WCC Officers to discuss the distribution of housing numbers in the most sustainable settlements across the district that are located outside of the National Park and to discuss with the Parish Council how they might accommodate the level of housing being considered. Read More...

SHELAA Sites Deadline Extension

Published: 5 Apr 22

A request to Cllr Caroline Horrill (WCC) as been made by the Chairman of the Parish Council to extend the deadline on the return of the SHELAA sites for development. An initial draft is being agreed by all Councillors. Read More...

SHELAA - Removal of SW06

Published: 10 Jan 22

We have now had an opportunity to review the inclusion of SW06 in the SHELAA and intend to remove it. We will add a note to this effect: SW06 ‘Proposed Settlement Boundary Change at Gunn Barrell Estate, South Wonston’ has been removed from the list of SHELAA sites having previously been included in error. This change involved removing: • SW06 from the South Wonston map; • the site proforma that has been completed for site SW06 and inserting the above wording at the end of the South Wonston map document; and • deleting any reference to SW06 in the main SHELAA Report. If anyone wants to raise this issue they can do this at the Reg18 Local Plan stage next year and we will review and report back on any comments at this stage of the process. We have now updated the SHELAA on the WCC website to reflect the above change: Read More...

Winchester City Council - Residential Capacity of SHELAA Sites

Winchester City Council - Residential Capacity of SHELAA Sites

Published: 16 Dec 21

Residential Capacity of SHELAA Sites, by Parish Theoretical Residential Capacity of SHELAA Sites (no. of dwellings) South Wonston 382 Read More...

Affordable Housing Notes - 15.5.19

Affordable Housing Notes - 15.5.19

Published: 1 Jun 19

Notes to the Affordable Housing Meeting

Final Report - Verification of Housing Need

Published: 7 Apr 19

Affordable Housing - Verification Report submitted by Winchester City Council Housing Enabler/Minutes of the meeting held on the 4th April 2019 Read More...

South Wonston Briefing Note

Published: 4 Nov 18

Briefing note circulated at the 2nd November Open Meeting held in the South Wonston Pavilion Read More...