Bin Collections

Published: 30 Sep 19

Bin Collections - Stephen Godfrey has advised us that this week , our collection day moves to Wednesday. Please tell your neighbours, we have not seen the letter we are all supposed to have received about this change. This Wednesday it will be re-cycling and the kerbside glass collection. Read More...

M3/A34 Night Closure 29+30/7/19

Published: 16 Jul 19

M3 Junction 9 Winchester (Hampshire) – Road Marking Renewal Kier Highways, on behalf of Highways England, will be renewing the road markings around junction 9 of the M3 to ensure improve journeys for road users. For the safety of our workforce and customers we will be closing the roundabout and all approach roads overnight (between 9pm and 6am) on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July 2019. Roads within the closure will include:  M3 junction 9 northbound exit slip road  M3 junction 9 southbound exit slip road  A272 Spitfire Link from the A31 roundabout  Easton Lane link between the Tesco roundabout and junction 9  A33 southbound link from Kings Worthy to junction 9 Various diversion routes will be in place during the closure using Winchester town centre (for closures of A34, Spitfire Link, southbound exit slip road, Easton Lane and the Kings Worthy link); and via the M3 and A303 for the closure of the northbound exit slip road. Signage will be displayed on the M3 prior to junction 11 to allow road users the option to exit at the junction for Winchester. Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles on blue light calls only (under escort by a traffic management vehicle). Read More...

South Wonston Report from PCSO Hagger

Published: 16 Jul 19

Email from PCSO Bruce Hagger As promised please find attached the Crime Report. Most of the Report is for May & June and the figures at the end are from April through to June. I have been as detailed as I can with the report. Due to data protection/people’s privacy I can’t put any more info in. I am sure you understand. Either way I hope the numbers offer some reassurance that South Wonston is still a very safe place to live. Interestingly I didn’t see any reports of shed breaks/ burglaries etc. If you get any questions from the meetings, feel free to run them past me and I will answer as best I can. Any concerns with the report itself, let me know and I will get back to you when I am back to work on Monday, South Wonston Crime Report (May & June) Incidents of Note: 1) Theft from Vehicle (25/04/19) – Works van broken into and a large quantity of tools taken – Downs Road. 2) Theft from Vehicle (26/04/19) – Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle – Wrights Close 3) Drug Offences (10/05/19) – Driver stopped and further arrested for driving while under the influence of Cannabis. (West Hill Road North) 4) Shoplifting (15/06/19) – 5 unknown persons have entered store and stolen a quantity of items (Downs Road) Other Incidents: 1) In the morning of the 22/06/19 at approx. 02:40 2 suspects have made of from Police along Orchard Road. The vehicle and persons are believed to be involved in a crime out of area and are not local to South Wonston. 2) A Blue Van has been sighted a number of times in recent months around South Wonston, I have been told this has circulated on Facebook and has been reported previously to Police. If sighted, call 101/999 situation depending. Our Priorities 1) Currently we seeing a large increase in Theft from Motor Vehicle offences. There has been a large amount of Registration Plates stolen in the Micheldever area as well as vehicles being broken into and items stolen. Largely vehicles will be parked in beauty spot car parks and will have items on display. We believe there are two separate groups (not connected) that are committing these offences. Firstly an old style Silver BMW has been sighted a number of times always showing different Registration Plates (stolen vehicle and stolen plates). Secondly A Red VW Transporter Van, has been sighted around Micheldever Station to take Registration Plates from numerous vehicles. If either of these vehicles are sighted and you have reason to believe they are of Police interest then Please call 101/999. 2) Drug Offences – Over the last year we have proactively been developing a picture around drug use & drug dealing around the whole of the Winchester Rural area. Although very little has come to light in South Wonston we are still pursuing a number of different vehicles/persons that could be/are involved in dealing/using/drug driving. If people have suspicions of drug use taking place, again, can this be called in to 101/999 situation depending. Lastly, I would like to emphasise the importance of calling the Police to make a formal report. We are a team of 5 that cover the Winchester Rural Area. This stretches of Alresford, up to Micheldever & Sutton Scotney and then down to Otterbourne and Hursley. There are probably 30+ Local Facebook groups in that area that are all active and talking about the goings on in their community. We cannot and do not monitor all of them. Simply talking about something on Facebook will not reach us and therefore we will not be able to take any action. We understand that 101 can be frustrating and take a long time to get through, but it is a case of us knowing or not knowing. There is also an online reporting system which can be used. Crime Numbers: Vehicle Crime: 2 Criminal Damage/Arson: 0 Theft: 1 Other Theft: 1 Drug Offences: 1 Anti- Social Behaviour: 3 Fraud: 1 (This is for a 3 month period April – End of June.) Read More...

Affordable Housing Notes - 15.5.19

Affordable Housing Notes - 15.5.19

Published: 1 Jun 19

Notes to the Affordable Housing Meeting

Final Report - Verification of Housing Need

Published: 7 Apr 19

Affordable Housing - Verification Report submitted by Winchester City Council Housing Enabler/Minutes of the meeting held on the 4th April 2019 Read More...

Election of Parish Councillors

Published: 31 Mar 19

Full details can be found on the notice boards. Nomination papers need to be submitted by Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Read More...

South Wonston Briefing Note

Published: 4 Nov 18

Briefing note circulated at the 2nd November Open Meeting held in the South Wonston Pavilion Read More...

South Wonston Community Consultation Report

Published: 11 Sep 18

Report presented at the Parish Council meeting on the 10th September, 2018 Read More...